Get Help and Advice

Where do you get Help and Advice?

General Issues and Common Queries

Members who would like advice on general issues relating to their employment should contact in the first instance, or follow the link to the National UCU Support Centre to find answers to many of the most common queries we receive, together with other useful material to inform and support you in your employment and union membership.

Personal Casework

If you require specific and individual assistance from Roehampton UCU to resolve an employment related issue, please start by reading our personal casework guidance.

Then we ask that you to fill in the personal casework application form and email it to Our casework coordinator will then appoint you with a caseworker who will be able to give you advice.

Please read the personal casework guidance before filling in the casework request form. If you are seeking assistance with respect to a particular employment policy at the University of Roehampton then it is helpful for us if you indicate which one it is.

University of Roehampton policies and procedures can found in our Useful links.

Please note that normally Roehampton UCU will only offer its help to UCU members of more than 90 days standing, and is not normally able to provide assistance to members who have only joined the union once the problem has become apparent.