Out of office auto-reply

Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office as part of UCU’s national strike action over the“Four Fights” campaign for manageable workloads, pay equality, and an end to casualised labour. You can read a full account here.  

If you are a Roehampton student, I am sorry that your education has been disrupted by the strike action. Senior Management has the power to resolve the dispute should they so choose. 

You can help getting this dispute settled by writing to the following people in support of your lecturers: 

  • Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jean-Noel Ezingeard (jn.ezingeard@roehampton.ac.uk) 
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Anna Gough-Yates (Anna.Gough-Yates@roehampton.ac.uk) 
  • Chief Operating Officer Tom Rowson (Tom.Rowson@roehampton.ac.uk) 
  • Director of HR Andy Lamb (Andy.Lamb@roehampton.ac.uk) 

You voice is a powerful one. Please use it to demand a meaningful resolution to the strike action.