29/06/2021 Solidarity with Liverpool UCU Strike

Solidarity with Liverpool UCU Strike in defence of Health Lecturers and Researchers

Jun 29 2021

This branch notes:

  • That Liverpool UCU branch has recently undertaken three weeks of strike action in response to the unacceptable decision by the University to make 32 staff members in the Health & Life Sciences Faculty redundant … read more
  • That sacking health researchers and lecturers during a pandemic is particularly outrageous
  • That Liverpool University are deducting 100% pay of staff undertaking the marking and assessment boycott
  • That this is a crucial struggle for all UCU branches as employers up and down the country seek to target staff and programmes for further cuts

This branch resolves:

  • to send a message of support to Liverpool UCU
  • to invite a member of the branch to the next general meeting
  • to donate £100 to their strike fund