03/06/2020 Motion 2: A Progressive Pay Cut Model

Meeting Date – 03/06/20

Motion 2: A Progressive Pay Cut Model

This branch notes:

  1. that management are proposing ‘time-limited cuts to pay’ which they claim will be progressive with higher-paid staff losing a higher percentage of their salaries

This branch believes:

  1. that if there is to be any form of reduction to salaries in 2020-21, it must be transparent, fair and progressive.
  2. the lowest-paid staff can least afford to sustain cuts to their income and so any measures should not affect staff under grade 7
  3. That management should commit itself to putting staff and students first, making all possible cuts that do not cost jobs or cut salaries before asking for further staff sacrifices, nor should they apply to hourly-paid staff at any grade.

This branch resolves:

  1. to mandate negotiators to explore proposals similar to the principles of the income tax system, with bands on which different percentages are levied (e.g. no cut on salaries under £35,000 / year; 5% on all earnings between £35,000 and £45,000; 10% on earnings between 345,000 and £55,000 etc.) as a fairer, more progressive approach
  2. to send members a costed proposal to vote on at a future meeting.