Equality Issues

Roehampton UCU considers equality to be at the heart of its work for members. We recognise that there are not just legal and moral reasons for securing equality at work, but also business reasons too:

  • An organisation is more likely to attract people from a wider pool of talent if it is explicit in its commitment to diversity and is demonstrating this through how it operates.

  • Staff are more likely to perform well, feel motivated and committed and therefore be retained if they feel valued and respected in their working environment.

  • Similarly, people are more likely to use the services provided by an organisation if they believe that they will be treated equally.

  • Students from equality groups will appreciate the visibility of themselves amongst staff.

UCU has produced a guide outlining the General Tools for Equality which can be used to help ensure an employer’s commitment is translated from words into action.

On this page members will find resources which they can access in relation to different aspects of the employer’s Equality Duty. If members feel anything is missing, or would like the Branch to focus on specific aspects of equality Work, do contact us.

The University’s Legal Obligations

The University is a public sector body. As such it is subject to both the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The following resources will help you understand the University’s legal duties: