Template Covid Safety letter to Line Manager

Dear [Head of Department’s name],


Andy Lamb, Director of HR [andy.lamb@roehampton.ac.uk]

Davina Fernyhough, Deputy Director of HR [davina.fernyhough@roehampton.ac.uk]

Frances Coleman, Head of Health & Safety [frances.coleman@roehampton.ac.uk]


Having read the recent ventilation summary and UCU’s assessment of the full ventilation report, as well as the surprisingly incomplete and inaccurate departmental and university risk assessments, I am extremely concerned about Covid safety on our campus.  Since infections remain extremely high and hospitalisation levels are at their highest since the second wave, particularly among young people, I believe that the University is a high risk environment.  Since adequate ventilation (at least 10 changes of air / hour and / or more than 15 litres fresh air / second / person) is not guaranteed, many people are not wearing face coverings and there is no real incentive for regular testing or isolation, I do not wish to risk my health by coming on to campus.

I note that the University is continuing its policy of being ‘flexible, understanding and supportive of staff’ and so I wish to continue working remotely. For the avoidance of doubt, I am happy to continue all my duties, merely wishing to do so in a safe environment in line with the employer’s obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Best wishes,